About Us

We Are Obsessed With Ponies

Zopp is composed of equestrians and horse enthusiasts. When people are obsessed with cats and dogs, we are obsessed with ponies. Zopp started out as a blog about our day-to-day living with ponies in our barns. From there, more people got interested in having their own pet. We realized that we are not the only peculiar people in this world, and there’s a breathing space for ponies in the online world. Our start is not melodramatic nor fancy, but it has humour with it.

Since Zopp community is getting bigger and bigger, we have partnered with the best online shops where you can shop online using discounts like the aliexpress coupon code with free shipping. The products we recommend are our personally preferred brands. With our experience in caring for horses, we have already identified which products are worth the penny and which products are just overkill. As you know, the animal care industry has an upward trend which means there will be more options for you. Your job now as an owner is to find the products that work and will give you your money’s worth.

Ponies are emotional beings. They deserve that extra tender loving care from you. Zopp collects all the best tips and guides through goedkoopste internet abonnement ziggo to make you an expert or at least make you a good owner. We provide these tips in detail for you to understand the essence of doing them. Zopp wishes you great companionship with your ponies. We hope that you’ll see what we see in them as beautiful creatures of our Almighty God.