Basic Requirements for Owning a Pony

Basic Requirements for Owning a Pony


Whether you are the seller or the buyer, remember that a pony is a living creature that needs to be treated with respect. It is a responsibility. Ponies are known for being cunning creatures because they thrive in harsh climates. They have a great survival instinct, so the environment which you will provide for them to live is significant to their overall well-being.


A Spacious Field

The first requirement is the size of the area where you will keep them. The size of your field should be at least one hectare for one pony. The “more the merrier” mentality applies when you buy traffic website visitors from cheap website traffic sellers, but in caring for ponies small population is much better. It’s good to have a spacious field with vegetation so they’ll have access to natural food. Remember that ponies are playful creatures. They love to run around, stump and roll over like children. Space, where they can freely do these things, allows them to be themselves.


Fences and Locks


Ponies are known for being cunning. They will do everything to escape not because you are a bad owner. They just want to do it. Fences and locks also help you get peace of mind at night so that they will not wander off. Depending on your location, the presence of predators that might harm them are highly present at night. The fences and locks keep them away from harm.


Shelter During Winter Season


Winter is a harsh season even for ponies. Ponies are considered to be more resilient than horses; however, they tend to develop diseases during winter. A barn will somehow keep the cold away just like in Amsterdam cheap hotels where you can book and get a discount using the aliexpress anniversary coupon code. It doesn’t need to be extravagantly big. A barn with dividers to separate the animals is already good enough.


Pest Control and Drainage


Rodents are small but ponies are terrified of them. Always make sure that you do pest control several times a year to prevent rodents from dominating the barn. Having good drainage systems helps on the hygiene maintenance of the animals. Check out some drainage design on review site for a more in-depth resource.

Ponies do exude unpleasant smell, so being responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of your farm is highly important.