Ponies are Equids Just Made Cuter

Ponies are Equids Just Made Cuter

Ponies are remarkable creatures. They are often being teased because of their unique physique compared to the appearance of a mighty horse. Well, ponies do have a rebuttal to their bullies, “we are equids just made cuter”. They have the same temperament and qualities compared to horses; however, they could be stumpy and playful. Despite their naughtiness and cunningness, owning one would make your life colorful and lovelier.


Outsmarting The Owner

Owning a pony is fun yet challenging because you will be dealing with intelligent species. They are ridiculously smart for an animal. Don’t worry, they won’t be able to cycle a bike in  Amsterdam bike rental  or catch a round trip airfare to Amsterdam on their own. But make sure to double check your locks, fortify your fences, and get ready for their prison break shows. Most owners would scratch their heads and would wonder how their ponies can carry out such plans.


Clingy Ponies

Like dogs and cats, ponies do need some cuddle time. Their way of showing they miss you is so heartwarming due to the fact that they can make a melodramatic eye contact. The easiest way to describe their eyes is how the couples look at each other during Amsterdam holiday using the amsterdam city sightseeing map. It sounds creepy right? But it’s not creepy at all. Their clinginess will make your bond stronger and slowly but surely, you will ache for their attention. You will yearn for their affection to the point that your day won’t be complete without giving them a bear hug.


Playfulness Like of a Child

Ponies can have different habits and level of cunningness. But what’s consistent in their temperament is their playfulness. Expect that your farm will be full of play, it’s where the word “horse playing” came from. If they can talk, they will tell you that they want some quality time outside and would even consider renting a bike in Amsterdam through online goedkoopste internet en televisie abonnement. Many would think that ponies’ playfulness is a bad thing, but for enthusiasts, their playfulness reminds us how we used to be when we were children, when we were still innocent from the cruelty of the world. How that can be a bad thing?