Responsible Owner’s Checklist

Responsible Owner’s Checklist


Ponies are like babies. You have to take care of them daily and also comply with the yearly pony care required to keep them healthy. Experienced owners would say that having one is not like the walk in the park. But once you have established a checklist of what to do with promotional codes and what to have on a daily basis, it becomes blissful.


Daily Checklist

Daily needs of ponies are quite simple. They simply need to have access to clean drinking water, get sufficient food, and a healthy environment. The daily checklist includes minor checking for injuries, illness and or disease. Check your pony’s eyes and teeth. See if there are any signs of health issues. Runny eyes and nose indicate illness possibly caused by the harsh weather. If your pony has an illness, call your vet and provide the symptoms in detail. He’ll recommend antibiotics you can get with coupon codes on products like kortingscode 10 euro korting. Don’t forget to also check their hooves.


Fresh, clean drinking water

Feeding Hay

Blanketing (for the winter season)

Minor Checking for Injuries and/or illness.


Weekly Checklist


Weekly checklist as an owner revolves in cleaning and hygiene maintenance. You’ll have to make sure that your pony’s bucket is free from molds, you’ll check their shelter’s smell, and so on. It may sound like a lot of work and would give you ideas to relax in a tour to Amsterdam cultural sights because of the pressure, but your ponies will thank you plus you don’t have to suffer from pungent smells. Your weekly checklist also involves checking supplies and some handyman maintenance.


Look for broken rails and fences

Scrub buckets that may spoil their food

Clean manures that attract flies

Supply check

Annual Checklist

Your annual checklist actually depends on your area. If diseases are prevalent in your area, you might need the checklist a few times a year. It is much cheap to get it with nike promo code free shipping no minimum if you prevent a disease from totally wrecking your pony’s health. Prevention is better than cure. Your annual checklist will usually need assistance from your vet to ensure your pony’s overall health.


Dental checkup

Immunization schedule with the vet