What are the requirements for selling and/or buying ponies?

For selling, you should have the complete papers with details of their lineage. Requirements for selling may vary depending on the regulations of your local government. For buying ponies, you will need to meet with the requirements of your local government. These requirements are but not limited to the size of the lot, sanitation, experience, fence, ventilation, waste disposal, and pest control.

Are ponies high maintenance?

Technically, they are high maintenance due to the fact that they need special care. However, if you have an environment specially designed for ponies, caring for them would be blissful. They also need socialization, so having one means you have to designate a time to spend with them

Is it true that winter is the most difficult season for ponies?

Yes. Like other animals, they need shelter and heat during the winter season. Their coat allows them to survive the harsh season; however, they more likely to develop sickness and diseases. It would be easier if you have a barn to shelter them and keep the cold away.

Is it advisable to buy a pony for my child?

We understand that children will fall in love with the idea of having their own pony as a pet. But having a pony as a pet is a great responsibility that might not be suitable for children.

I have a big lot in the city, does it mean I can have ponies as pets?

Before even deciding to buy a pony or any other horse breed, check with your local government. Usually, it is allowed given that you meet with the requirements. Read the requirements carefully and contemplate whether you can really catch up with the demands of having a pony as a pet.

Are vaccinations required?

Vaccinations are required for some breeds who have a lower tolerance towards viruses and diseases. But of course, prevention is better than cure. It is smart to have your pony vaccinated. Consult with your local vet and check how many vaccinations needed for the specific breed under your care.